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EFT Meridian Tapping Classes:

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$25.00 / 2 to 3 hours - in group


Location / Time - Please Choose One.
Date of Class
Area Code & Phone Number

EFT - Helping Yourself, Friends & Family


1 Day Workshop Intensive

  • Confidence in using EFT Basics,
       9 Gamut & 1-10 Intensity Levels

  • Addressing Limiting beliefs

  • What to Ask - What to Say

  • Simple & effective Tapping demonstrations

  • EFT application Techniques, tailored to attendees
       (eg: pain, trauma, sadness, fear, anxiety)

Early Bird*  $150.00       Reg. $175.00
1 Full Day Workshop


Early Bird - Regular Price
Area Code & Phone Number

Private Sessions  -  Tapping Sessions are available in person or over Skype.

New Clients


Private Session:  90 minutes

$175.00  + GST  /  90 minutes


for Experienced EFT Tappers*


Private Sessions:  1 hour


(*For Graduates of EFT Practitioners Training or Student who have attended introduction to EFT Class)

$125.00  + GST  /  1 hour


for Experienced EFT Tappers


Private Sessions:  3 hours


(3 x 60 minutes or 2 x 90 minutes)

$350.00  + GST  /  3 hours


EFT - Private Individual - Half Day Tapping Intensive

Half Day Intensive / Personal Coaching

  • Content completely tailored to individual needs

  • Clear an Old Trauma / Undermining Belief / Self-Sabotaging Behaviour or Issue of Concern

$500.00  + GST  /  4 hours


EFT - Private Tapping/Coaching - Releasing limiting Beliefs / Changing Habitual Programming

Private Sessions:  6 hours

Shifting into Results / Intensive Coaching - Individually tailored

$700.00  + GST  /  6 hours


Daily Tapping Stress Relief Program

Tapping for Peace & Growth 
Are you too busy to give yourself time and support?  This is the perfect program for You!


(New Program - Soon to be released!)
Contact Us to Pre-Order

Begin your day with 15-20 minutes of helpfully constructed, effective scripting for re-writing your programming for success and happiness.  Experience personal freedom and encouragement through clearing YOUR limiting beliefs and emotional baggage!

There are accumulative emotional benefits to ‘tapping out’ release statements followed by the input of phrases supporting constructively reframed thoughts/beliefs to return your awareness to positive focus on your dreams and goals.  Repetition continually moving from negative release to positive focus retrains neuro-pathways/thinking patterns in your brain.  It can double your positive benefits!

10  Weeks of ‘Clearing Old Issues’ and Focused Tapping Program Support

       Each weeks’ module tracks can be downloaded, one week at a time, to your iPod
or MP3 player.  These tracks are available when you are, day or night.

        10  ‘EFT for Transformation’ Workbooks

       Workbooks are provided, one per week, to support you in releasing and reframing the current week’s emotionally centred topic.  The weekly Workbook content helps to raise questions and increase your conscious awareness which can assist you in achieving deeper and more rewarding benefits.  Your heightened conscious awareness may assist you in fully clearing emotional stories/issues your sub-conscious has intentionally avoided changing.


Weekly Topics:



 Resistance to Change / Safety Issues



 Being in Control  vs  Waiting for Permission



 Fear of the Known and Unknown



 Guilt  vs  Unspoken Expectations



 Hope  vs  Lies and Betrayal



 Anger  /  Resentment  /  Blame



 Boundaries  &  People Pleasing



 Anxiety / Pressure / Speed



 Abandonment  &  Shame



 Love  &  Self Esteem


10 weeks of Daily Tapping

20 Hours    Value   $2000


Limited Time
Super Saver

10 Transformation Workbooks

10  Workbooks   Value       $ 100


Total Value              $2,100

For a Limited Time - The Great Giveaway - 85% OFF!!!    Pay ONLY    $315


Gift Certificates

Give a Gift

Encourage someone you care about to help themselves!


2 EFT Classes  (2 to 3 hours each)

Information & Tap-Along, in a classroom group setting.


Private Tapping Session (Learn & Apply EFT Effectively)     90 Mins


Private Tapping Session (Experienced Tappers Only)     60 Mins







Gift Certificate Selections

Creating (more) Happiness in the "Now" Workbook
21 Days of Options

The whole program!  Suggestions for all 21 days.  How to lower stress and take positive action, including some Tapping scripts.  Wall chart to support your conscious choices.



Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions


Clinical Hypnotherapy

     One on one 'Easy Key To Life' Transformational Hypnotherapy.


Easy Key To Life uses NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to release or transform blockages to your success.  This form of Hypnotherapy uses your internal reality as a basis for deep resolution of unresolved issues.


1 Hour session


Releasing Stress & Anxiety - Delta/Theta Sounds for Stress Release & Healing

Approx. 66 min.  Audio CD

Never listen to any Hypnosis CD while driving or operating machinery!

Delta (.1 - 3.9 Hz) and Theta (4 - 7.9 Hz) are the body’s natural vibrational frequencies for light REM sleep and deep dreamless sleep.  The soft white background sound irresistibly and very naturally draws your body into a state of relaxation.



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EFT Practitioner Training or Private Sessions are most valuable done with Janice Smylie PhD., CCHt, REIKI II, TFT, NLP, expert EFT Trainer & Practitioner because:

Janice has been using EFT since 2003 and teaching EFT since 2004.  She has attended four major training events and has done personal work with Gary Craig, Founder of EFT, a Borrowing Benefits Conference, two EFT Conferences on Serious Diseases, and she was invited to be part of a Masters training program. Janice studied the original 100's of hours of training, ongoing training series, the Art of Delivery, attended many conferences and workshops: Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake (the boys from down under) and Paula Dale Teplitz (from Gary's training videos) to name a few.  Janice's EFT training and her background with EFT is substantial.  The TFT Boot Camp { Thought Field Therapy } upon which EFT is based, is also a part of her training.

Contact: (403) 710-4443  
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Releasing Your Pain Now,
with EFT Meridian Tapping
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Releasing Your Pain Now,
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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is classified as Energy Psychology.  Promising clinical studies
showing effectiveness of EFT have been published across a range of issues.  EFT, developed in 1995, is still considered 'new' by Western medicine.
Please only use EFT / Meridian Tapping if you are willing and able to be responsible for yourself and your use of EFT.

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