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The Short Story

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The Short Story


I lived in chronic pain for nineteen years after surviving a serious car crash which almost claimed my life.  I have permanent body damage.  Understandably, I became depressed after living in pain for 11 years.  For the last eight years of the nineteen years I dealt with chronic pain, I was off and on antidepressants.


A Naturopathic Doctor I met in 2002 said he knew someone that could help with my depression.  I didn’t even ask what Tapping was!  The Doctor said he know someone that could help me, and I was willing to try it.  I would have tried almost anything to be free of the physical and emotional pain!


One and a half hours of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) working on core issues released me fromnineteen years of pain and unhappiness.  No pain.  No depression.  
It was six months later before I noticed that I never had the nightmare of being trapped in the car again.  EFT was a miracle in my life.   90 minutes and my whole life changed.



Physical Injuries:


Hospital arrival: My nose was broken, cheekbones shattered, upper jaw broken, # teeth broken, lower jaw dislocated, basil skull fracture, upper left arm broken, left lung collapse, ruptured spleen, pelvis cradle # fractures both sides, shattered left hip socket, femoral head through into abdomen, spiral compound fracture of left femur, left knee cap cracked/cut with bleed into sealed knee joint, multiple left leg # lacerations, cut to right knee, cracked sacrum at bottom of spine.  Blood pressure 40 / 0. 


  • 6 months hospital

  • 5 repair surgeries

  • 3 years physiotherapy

  • at end of physiotherapy, I weaned myself off synthetic narcotics
    (because in the way our bodies naturally build a resistance to drugs, making the drug less effective/ needing more over time, I was afraid that one day even narcotics wouldn’t dull the pain)

  • for 19 years whenever overly stressed, I had nightmares of being trapped in the car

  • 19 years of pain

  • 8 years of depression


So, this could be called a dramatic story, and an amazing turn-around.  Will Tapping fix everything for you in an instant?  Maybe not.  You might have to tap longer.  You might need to retrain some programming, but if you have pain in your life, you can feel better right now, by Tapping.  After twenty years of living in chronic pain, both physical and emotional - I have been pain free for thirteen years now, because of EFT.



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EFT Practitioner Training or Private Sessions are most valuable done with Janice Smylie CCHt, REIKI II, NLP, TFT, expert EFT Trainer & Practitioner:

Janice has been using EFT since 2003 and teaching EFT since 2004.  She has attended four major training events and has done personal work with Gary Craig, Founder of EFT, a Borrowing Benefits Conference, two EFT Conferences on Serious Diseases, and she was invited to be part of a Masters training program. Janice studied the original 100's of hours of training, ongoing training series, the Art of Delivery, attended many conferences and workshops: Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake (the boys from down under) and Paula Dale Teplitz (from Gary's training videos) to name a few.  Janice's EFT training and her background with EFT is substantial.  The TFT Boot Camp { Thought Field Therapy } upon which EFT is based, is also a part of her training.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is classified as Energy Psychology.  Promising clinical studies
showing effectiveness of EFT have been published across a range of issues.  EFT, developed in 1995, is still considered 'new' by Western medicine.
Please only use EFT / Meridian Tapping if you are willing and able to be responsible for yourself and your use of EFT.

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