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Private Sessions

You can address whatever issues are of concern to you in Private Sessions.
These are a few of the issues which have responded well with EFT:

  • Release feeling ‘stuck’ - stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed

  • Release physical pain – including chronic pain

  • Neutralize feelings of anger / hurt / betrayal / frustration / self-criticism

  • Deal with emotional overload, memories of abuse, bullying or unfair treatment

  • Relationships issues - Dealing with on-going bad behaviour or bad habits?    and people’s expectations

  • Boundary Issues:  Instead of people pleasing, say No… or speak up in a way that gets you heard

  • Set your goals and get your needs met.  Get comfortable asking for what you want

  • Stop ruminating – you CAN remove negative emotional intensity and let go of the past

  • Exhausted or depressed with not enough daily rewards?  Lift your thoughts and Energy with Tapping!

  • Improve your sports or business performance – showing up for yourself in new ways

  • Confidence – change how you feel about yourself, then others see you differently

  • Forgiveness:  Don’t say you’ve forgiven someone until you really have.  And don’t forgive until you’re ready to… do self-healing Tapping instead!   Have you told the same story more than 5 times?  If someone has told you “You should be over that by now… “  then you could really benefit from the freedom Tapping brings!


Call Janice at (403) 710-4443 to arrange time and availability before confirming with payment

New Clients


Private Session:  90 minutes

$125.00  + GST  /  90 minutes


Private Sessions:  1 hour


$100.00  + GST  /  1 hour





EFT Coaching


Get the the direction and encouragement of Tapping support over a series of appointments.

Tapping “homework” may also be helpful or useful, depending on your situation.


For Ongoing Coaching Support and Other Services See Our Bookstore Page.



EFT’s Meridian Tapping Classes

EFT can benefit many situations, used in many ways.  Meridian Tapping is an effective and simple to use acupressure tool, which often brings almost immediate measurable results.


The helpful way Tapping works co-operatively to calm systems within how your brain, body and emotions work together means Tapping often offers very positive and long lasting results.

There are many examples of Tapping in YouTube, offering short Tap-alongs. However to get measurable and useful results in a consistent manner, attend an EFT class with me.

My Tapping classes will give you facts, a new skill which is flexible to use, and option for addressing past or present situations which are not resolved as you’d like them to be.


Introduction to EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

All Classes contain these 3 elements of Tapping

  • Mind/Body/Emotion Facts- How and Why EFT’s Meridian Tapping Works So Effectively

  • Experiential Tapping - Rapidly Reducing Stress (Addressing Topic of Issues / Concerns for Attendees)

  • Tapping Suggestions and Answers Given - Understand How to Use Tapping Flexibly for Yourself.



If you have a situation which needs to change, and you’re ready to take action now…
Tapping Classes offer you a natural, practical and effective tool to improve your situation.




Introduction to EFT – EFT Class for Stress Reduction

Stress affects every area of our physical, mental and emotional wellness.  Reducing stress in any one area of your life positively effects all the other areas.  Tapping offers measurable results for you.

Benefits of Reducing Stress…

  • reduce physical symptoms of stress held in your body (neck and shoulders, stomach, back, etc.)

  • rapidly reduce overwhelm or symptoms of anxiety – feel calm and safe 

  • increase your ability to think clearly and focus on goals at hand

  • increase your communication / problem solving skills

  • reduce your reactiveness to stressful situations

  • develop inner calm and increase confidence

  • reduce the effects of past traumas

  • increase inner awareness and gain clarity for making better decisions

  • become more productive – more able to refocus and successfully achieve goals



EFT Class for Reducing and Releasing Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain CAN turn down!  EFT’s Clinical Study show 68% reduction of pain with Tapping, and I have personally seen better results than the Meridian Tapping study showed.  If you deal with pain whether from an accident or other chronic source, Tapping can be a powerful tool for change, in your hands.


EFT Benefits of Reducing and Releasing Chronic Pain…

  • feeling physical RELIEF with a lower pain level

  • the possibility of increased range of movement

  • ‘re-setting’ habitual pain levels to a lower intensity

  • calming tension and physical sensitivities / reactiveness

  • empowerment;  taking charge, directing focus reducing pain

  • freedom from feeling powerless, trapped or overwhelmed by pain

  • acknowledge / release emotional disconnections re: physical limitations 

  • feel more enabled to act within your situation / be more patient with others

  • acknowledging your reality – Doctor’s diagnosis, xrays, etc… and still feeling better

  • lowering your frustration/fear/anger re: on-going Doctor, physio and insurance claims

  • complimentary to Western Medicine, Tapping can reduce side effects of prescriptions

  • feel more in control of your situation while reducing or releasing use of prescription medications*

 *Consult with your Doctor before stopping or changing use of prescription medications. 


EFT Class for Weight Loss / “Crush Your Cravings”

Attend a single class to find effective ways to address Weight Loss and to Crush Cravings with Tapping on your own.  Tapping suggestions and tips, and a script/checklist are included.  This class shows some of the many layers of resistance we often have to consistently making healthy choices for ourselves.

Benefits of Tapping into Weight Loss

  • “Crush Your Cravings” – bring your favourite snack food to class, in it’s original packaging
    and experience ‘real time’ reduction / release of Cravings

  • increase inner awareness and rebalance healthy connections between food and nurture

  • how to release the social, peer and family pressures around weight and acceptance

  • learn a simple technique for changing your inner critical voice to one of support

  • find ways to use Tapping to improve your physical health and wellness

  • rapidly improve your level of self-image and self-acceptance

  •  increase your ability to release sugar/carb addiction

  •  notice your boundaries – are you comfortable saying NO?

  • learn where to look to resolve YOUR Emotional Eating Triggers

  • build personal confidence by continued ability to choose well for yourself

  • use honesty to reprogram ‘dieting’ from deprivation into self-love and self-care

  • gift yourself with the beauty of self-discipline – honour your personal value by being consistent

  • reduce your fears and resistance to change / increase your ability to taking action for your own good


(Support, encouragement and other benefits are offered over 7 weeks in the on-line EFT-Tapping for Weight Loss Program.)


EFT Class for Moving Forward – Step-by-Step

Step-by-Step - This Tapping class can increase your skills for remaining functional and productive through the upset or trauma of unexpected change, or on-going conflict or challenges.  Release yourself from the ‘freeze’ of flight, flight or freeze with Tapping. Begin thinking clearly, making a plan, and feeling empowered to take actions for your (or your children’s) future.

Tapping Benefits of Moving Forward

  • Tapping helps you / your children to remain calm while moving through changing situations

  • Tapping can raise your ability to breathe and choose responding, instead of reacting

  • increasing your physical ability to think clearly helps you to make better choices

  • rapidly releasing worry with Tapping allows you to feel calm and confident

  • Tapping through alternatives possibilities, helps find what works for you

  • acknowledging the truth: change can be difficult, or overwhelming

  • releasing stress, fear, anger, and frustration around court rulings

  • addressing emotional triggers: fear, pain or loss reactiveness

  • addressing your fears, to increase your ability to feel safe

  • expanding your skills - adding positive new behaviours

  • freeing yourself of mindsets which hold you back

  • remaining calm for meetings and court appearances

  • finding confidence within new or unfamiliar situations


EFT Public Classes – Posted Schedules – Calgary, Red Deer & Central Alberta

Group Tapping Classes plus Q&A are usually 2.5 to 3 hours in length.  The classes schedule continues to be regularly updated in Meetup.

To see classes and trainings currently scheduled:

EFT in Calgary classes are posted in Meetup.com        http://janicesmylie.com/images/bookstore/buttons/resized/meetup326sqBORD.jpg

EFT Classes for Red Deer, Sylvan Lake & Central Alberta are posted here:  Central Alberta Spiritual & Holistic Self-Development Group


Please feel welcome to call to suggest or discuss a class topic you are interested in attending, if your topic of interest is not currently scheduled.


EFT Private Classes – by Appointment

To arrange a class for your business, private interest group or volunteer organization, contact me on (403) 710 4443  

Classes range from Introduction to EFT, to EFT Practitioner Certification Workshops.






EFT Practitioner Training or Private Sessions are most valuable done with Janice Smylie CCHt, REIKI II, NLP, TFT, expert EFT Trainer & Practitioner:

Janice has been using EFT since 2003 and teaching EFT since 2004.  She has attended four major training events and has done personal work with Gary Craig, Founder of EFT, a Borrowing Benefits Conference, two EFT Conferences on Serious Diseases, and she was invited to be part of a Masters training program. Janice studied the original 100's of hours of training, ongoing training series, the Art of Delivery, attended many conferences and workshops: Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake (the boys from down under) and Paula Dale Teplitz (from Gary's training videos) to name a few.  Janice's EFT training and her background with EFT is substantial.  The TFT Boot Camp { Thought Field Therapy } upon which EFT is based, is also a part of her training.

Contact: (403) 710-4443  
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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is classified as Energy Psychology.  Promising clinical studies
showing effectiveness of EFT have been published across a range of issues.  EFT, developed in 1995, is still considered 'new' by Western medicine.
Please only use EFT / Meridian Tapping if you are willing and able to be responsible for yourself and your use of EFT.

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